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Our goals

With the 5G test field, a unique test environment has been created that makes it possible to investigate new 5G technologies in urban areas and to test new applications.

The open test bed represents all relevant technology components of a convergent 5G network and operates independently of commercial 5G network operators.

Thus it is the only
5G standalone network including high-performance test infrastructure,
which does not require support from the conventional LTE network. 

5G Berlin

Test infrastructure


A long-term available and association-owned infrastructure

Open approach

An open approach at technical and organizational level


The integration of commercial and open source solutions

5G Applications

Test of new 5G applications for the Smart City

Commercial and open source solutions

Radio network:

Open source stack and use of own hardware development

Optical network:

Disaggregated optical networks and use of own hardware development

Open source virtualization solutions

like OSM / ONAP and Software-Defined Transport Network (SDN)

5G Berlin


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